Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Penny Black Hedgehog ...

One of my favorite stamping companies is Penny Black Inc ... I have quite a few stamps from that company!  Why you ask ... well, it's because of these little guys  ... aren't they just adorable? 

BTW, he's a hedgehog.  Hubbie calls him a porcupine even though he knows full well it's a hedgehog!  Oh and he keeps saying that I'm going to get a thank you letter from Penny one day ... he's so silly!  Honestly, I really don't have THAT many stamps ;)


Oh, alright I have a lot of them ... I think I have 50 stamps with just this little hedgehog.  I'm not going to tell you how many in total from this company; I don't want you to think I'm an addict or anything.  To be fair, this is over a period of over 10 years!  Ok, I'm going to stop there before I make things sound worst than they are!

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