Sunday, February 27, 2011

A short break from invitations ...

Last weekend was another busy one ... running around from store to store ... yup, still working on those invitations!  Here's a run down of that weekend ... on Saturday, hubbie and I  went out for breakfast ... in other words, got the fuel we needed to run the errands of the day.  Then it was off to store #1 to pick up the paper I had ordered for the invitations ... and a couple of other items ;) ... went to store #2 to pick up another pack of invitation envelopes (this was a quick stop) ... and last stop, store #3 for more paper and RSVP envelopes.  On Sunday, I cut and embossed the paper and made a slight adjustment to the invitations ... it looks better ... don't worry, I got approval :)

This weekend, I ended up taking a break from the invitations.  On Saturday, I had my class and afterwards hubbie and I went out for dinner.  The class was fun ... I had 2 ladies from my An Asian Touch class attend this one (An Asian Touch II).  It's always nice to see familiar faces :)  When I got home, I fell asleep on the couch pretty early ... I was pretty tired ... couldn't keep my eyes open.  Today, I did some long over due cleaning around the house and made a birthday card for a friend, which I needed for tomorrow.  Usually, I'm not that last minute but it's been hectic ... thankfully, inspiration hit and I think I'll be make this card in a class :)

Bought a few stamp sets on Saturday from a new company ... Heartfelt Creations.  I didn't have a lot of time to shop after the class, so I was good ... only got 3 stamp sets ;)  I can't wait to play with them!

Angel Trumpet Flower PreCut Set Daisy Patch Flowers PreCut Set Dutch Iris Medley PreCut Set

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Iguana Love Stamp Set ...

Got this Iguana Love stamp set by Stampendous a while back.  My plan was to use it to make a Valentine's Day card for hubbie.  I thought it was quite cute ... I don't have any iguana stamps so thought it would be a nice additon to my stamp collection :)

Here's the card I made for hubbie.  This is my attempt in making a film strip ... it's not perfect; picture's a little fuzzy ... but I think you can tell it's a film strip, right ? :)

Here's what hubbie got me ... what a delicious sight ;)  Yummy!  It came with specific instructions ... imagine that this is chocolate.  Nah, I'm a chip girl so definitely prefer this to chocolate :)  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy, busy, busy ...

Sure been busy ... where to start ... let's continue where I left off from my last post.  Oh yeah, that was on Chinese New Year ... wow!  Well, we were at my mom's for dinner the next day (Feb. 4) ... dinner to open the New Year ... so I brought the final version of the mock-up invitation for my brother and Holly to see and confirm that this is it.  The design and paper are finalized ... yaay!  Went to get the RSVP envelopes and paper for the invitations last Saturday ... they were having a sale, so that was cool :)

This weekend I started working on my brother and Holly's invitations ... at least what I was able to.  I'm waiting for some paper to come in and some details regarding the wedding before I can begin the real work.  However, I did redo the RSVP template and got all the embossing done :)

Let see ... what else have I been up to ... been playing with the Delicate Blossoms stamp set.  Just love this Hero Art stamp set!  Don't you think it's gorgeous?  I finally got it back in November ... I did use it to make a sample invitation for Mei Mei.  However, it didn't make the cut :) 

Delicate Blossoms picture

Here's a card I made for hubbie's co-worker last week.  Nothing fancy ... I wanted to make a simple card to emphasis the simplicity of this stamp.   I'm planning to make a card set with these stamps later when I have a bit more time :)

Here's the birthday card that a friend asked me to make for her.  She told me the person likes black & white and flowers ... so of course I had to use this stamp ;)  The top card was my inspiration for this one.  She also asked me to make a gift certificate.  They're doing a collection to give her to go on a shopping spree ... I know what I'd be buying if I received such a gift ;)


Initially, I was going to make a gift certificate.  However, these days gift cards are the way to go!  I had a lot of fun making this matching gift card!  I would have put a magnetic strip on the back of the gift card, but there wasn't any room.  Next time I'll make it with the magnetic strip; however, I think it still looks ok.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!! It's the year of the Rabbit ... I wonder if it says that the year of the Rabbit will bring those born in the year of the Dog one really busy year!!!  It seems that will also be a busy year for those born in the year of the Dragon ... who happen to be married to a person born in the year of the Dog.  This is my attempt of providing hubbie with a subtle warning.  Hopefully, I won't drive him too crazy ... just a little ;)

Work's been even busier than it was before the holidays!  I thought I'd be able to catch up when I got back from the holidays ... nope!  However, I'm not stressing out on things ... I did promise myself to focus more on family and friends ... basically ensure work/life balance.  In order to ensure work/life balance, I've taken a few days off for Chinese New Year ... initially, it was to just do a few things and relax.  However, things have a way of changing.  Yesterday, I was busy cleaning the house, finishing my card samples to be displayed for my class at the end of the month, and going through a snow storm to get to my mom's for New Year's eve dinner.  It would have been a good day to stay home.  However, the trip to my mom's allowed hubbie to rack up some brownie points since he was weathering the storm for me ... of course, he'll be using those points to do his own crafting ALL DAY LONG!  I think he already picked the day in which he will be doing this!

Today's been a bit more relaxing ... at least so far.  I'm taking a break to post this before continue things I need to get done in The Paper Room :)  Oh before I forget, here are the samples for my class with Ketto stamps.  BTW, I've done more than 4 cards, but these are the ones that will be displayed at the store.

I've been so busy with the invitations I do wonder if I'm crazy trying to fit in a class!  Oh and I agreed to make a card for a friend by February 25 and one for hubbie's co-worker for next Wednesday.  Ok, gonna get back to the card required for next week ... and start on the other one.