Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mei Mei's invitations ...

Yaaay!!  I've completed Mei Mei's invitations!  Things are on schedule ... actually a little early ... and I even had time to add a little something to finish off the invitation :)  I had fun making the invitations ... I guess I had more time and was able to enjoy the moment.  They were all packed up in what is becoming my traditional way for invitations ... using the Sushi Shop bag ... those bags are great for invitations not just for carrying sushi ... see ;)  Hmmm, as I'm looking at this picture, it's kinda flat ... should have taking it at an angle ... oh well.

Mei Mei came over today to pick them up, so they should be in the mail next week.  Now, I have 12 weeks to work on the other stuff ... plenty of time.  However, I should probably make a list to ensure I don't forget anything ... time has a way of going by quickly as I saw with my brother's wedding, so the list will help me keep on track.  Luckily, I had Mei Mei to make sure I was ready for my brother's wedding!  This time around I think I'll look for a dress, shoes, etc. earlier on, so we won't be shopping the day before the wedding :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

One down, one more to go ...

Just a quick share ... with all the other things, I didn't have time to make my brother a wedding card; so I did the next best thing ... I made a red envelope.  It turned out to almost be the same as making a card ... LOL.  Mei Mei thought it was a card when she first saw it, and Aunt T said it was nicer than the ones you would normally buy :)  I think I'll turn it into a card and make a bunch of red envelopes as suggested ... family can be inspiring ... maybe I could make a few sales during Mei Mei's wedding ... LOL ;)

Well, my brother and his "wife" :) are probably at their honeymoon destination by now.  They had a beautiful wedding day ... it was a nice warm day, and they were surrounded by family and friends wishing them well.  It was great ... definitely less of a blur for me than my wedding ... I got to catch up with a few people :) 

Time sure goes by quickly ... my aunts from the US came for the wedding, and the "kids", who are not really kids stayed with hubbie and I.  Geeez, I feel old ... my brother, sister and I were once the "kids" not that long ago ... ok, maybe it was a while ago.  I still remember those summers we spent in Cleveland with our aunts ... ah, the memories :)  I was able to spend some time with Aunt A before she headed back ... we ended up not sleeping and talking all night ... I was a bit tired the next day but was well worth sacrificing my sleep ;)

Well, that's one down and one more to go!  I took today off to rest up and planning on working on Mei Mei's invitations tomorrow.  I'm going to review the text again when I'm more awake, so I can check the date, time, address ... when I showed Aunt A, she noticed an error that no one else noticed ... oops!  Thanks Aunt A!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Almost done ...

Well, it's almost done ... I just need to go and get some gold pens today for the wedding.  I've completed pretty much all that I had set out to do for my brother's wedding with the exception of the sign-in book.  Since I didn't have a chance to get the paper for the cover, I just cut the cardstock for people to sign and will put the accordian book together afterwards. 

My milestone after the invitations were the boxes, which I completed on Tuesday ... 115 boxes made, filled with chocolate, tag added and tied with a ribbon ... as you can see, all already for the celebration!


Last night I finished the 11 menus ... it only took me 9 hours!  I was suppose to just print it and stick it in the venus paper (same paper as the invitation and boxes) and put the table number at the top.  However, I got this "brillant" (to be read in a sarcastic voice) idea to do something else ... meaning something more complicated!  I like the result better than simply printing it out ... and I guess I wouldn't have been able just to print it out like that ... it's just not me ;)

Now, I just need to get the house and myself ready!  With all the wedding stuff and work being so busy, I have not had a chance to go shopping early on ... also getting sick Sunday night didn't help.  However, my brother did give me his blessing to show up in my pajamas :)  Don't worry, if anything I would be in a dress and bunny slippers ... I just need some shoes.  BTW, I don't own bunny slippers, but they would probably be easier to find and very comfortable ... LOL.  Anyway, I just have to keep it real and remember a lot of stuff is just detail and things will come together and somehow get done ... that's when you enlist the help of hubbie ;)  Actually, he offered to help, so no bribing, begging or anything was required ... and he didn't ask for any brownie points :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Isn't this cool ...

Last week, I received an email from Aunt T, who was in Dubai ... she sent me what I thought was one of the coolest pictures.  Is that not just the coolest thing!?  Ok, maybe not for you all, but for someone who just doesn't have much of a life beyond her crafts.  :)  I think I need a sign like that for my room!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Paper ...

Guess what!?  I got more paper!  On Saturday, hubbie and I went to pick up the paper and envelopes for Mei Mei's invitations.  I think hubbie wanted to ensure we got them home safely ;)

I didn't put together the tags for my brother's boxes on Sunday, but I did punch out 100 tags and then punched holes in them.  I'll put them together tomorrow night ... I was way too tired last night.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remember me!?

It's been really busy, so I haven't had a chance to post.  Sorry, I really didn't mean to go so long without posting.  Let's see ... what's new that I can share ... well hubbie's order from Papertrey Ink came in :)  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to play with all the goodies :(

Also, I bought tons of paper for the weddings and of course a little for me ;)  See, I'm not kidding and that's not all of it.  You probably cannot tell but there's about 700 sheets of cardstock and paper in that picture.  I still have to pick up the 350 sheets of cardstock I ordered for Mei Mei's wedding invitations.

Last week, I had a nice long weekend ... 5 days.  We went to see my mom on Friday ... before she forgets who I am.  Worked on the boxes for my brother's wedding pretty much the rest of the weekend ... with some household tasks in between as a break.  I took last Tuesday off in hopes of starting on Mei Mei's wedding invitations ... unfortunately, raking the lawn ... well actually more like raking the rocks off our "grass" ... and I use the word "grass" loosely ... really tired me out.  My arms were a bit sore, so I didn't get as much as I would have like done with the boxes Monday night. 

It took pretty much the whole day, but I finish putting the boxes together!  Yaay, all that's left are the tags, which I aim to finish this weekend or at least before the next weekend.