Monday, May 23, 2011

One down, one more to go ...

Just a quick share ... with all the other things, I didn't have time to make my brother a wedding card; so I did the next best thing ... I made a red envelope.  It turned out to almost be the same as making a card ... LOL.  Mei Mei thought it was a card when she first saw it, and Aunt T said it was nicer than the ones you would normally buy :)  I think I'll turn it into a card and make a bunch of red envelopes as suggested ... family can be inspiring ... maybe I could make a few sales during Mei Mei's wedding ... LOL ;)

Well, my brother and his "wife" :) are probably at their honeymoon destination by now.  They had a beautiful wedding day ... it was a nice warm day, and they were surrounded by family and friends wishing them well.  It was great ... definitely less of a blur for me than my wedding ... I got to catch up with a few people :) 

Time sure goes by quickly ... my aunts from the US came for the wedding, and the "kids", who are not really kids stayed with hubbie and I.  Geeez, I feel old ... my brother, sister and I were once the "kids" not that long ago ... ok, maybe it was a while ago.  I still remember those summers we spent in Cleveland with our aunts ... ah, the memories :)  I was able to spend some time with Aunt A before she headed back ... we ended up not sleeping and talking all night ... I was a bit tired the next day but was well worth sacrificing my sleep ;)

Well, that's one down and one more to go!  I took today off to rest up and planning on working on Mei Mei's invitations tomorrow.  I'm going to review the text again when I'm more awake, so I can check the date, time, address ... when I showed Aunt A, she noticed an error that no one else noticed ... oops!  Thanks Aunt A!

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