Thursday, May 19, 2011

Almost done ...

Well, it's almost done ... I just need to go and get some gold pens today for the wedding.  I've completed pretty much all that I had set out to do for my brother's wedding with the exception of the sign-in book.  Since I didn't have a chance to get the paper for the cover, I just cut the cardstock for people to sign and will put the accordian book together afterwards. 

My milestone after the invitations were the boxes, which I completed on Tuesday ... 115 boxes made, filled with chocolate, tag added and tied with a ribbon ... as you can see, all already for the celebration!


Last night I finished the 11 menus ... it only took me 9 hours!  I was suppose to just print it and stick it in the venus paper (same paper as the invitation and boxes) and put the table number at the top.  However, I got this "brillant" (to be read in a sarcastic voice) idea to do something else ... meaning something more complicated!  I like the result better than simply printing it out ... and I guess I wouldn't have been able just to print it out like that ... it's just not me ;)

Now, I just need to get the house and myself ready!  With all the wedding stuff and work being so busy, I have not had a chance to go shopping early on ... also getting sick Sunday night didn't help.  However, my brother did give me his blessing to show up in my pajamas :)  Don't worry, if anything I would be in a dress and bunny slippers ... I just need some shoes.  BTW, I don't own bunny slippers, but they would probably be easier to find and very comfortable ... LOL.  Anyway, I just have to keep it real and remember a lot of stuff is just detail and things will come together and somehow get done ... that's when you enlist the help of hubbie ;)  Actually, he offered to help, so no bribing, begging or anything was required ... and he didn't ask for any brownie points :)

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