My Passion ... Paper!

From what I am told, I have always had an interest for paper.  My mom has told me on numerous occasions that when I was a child, she would find me by following the paper trail.

My passion for paper really started in 1995 when I became interested in Origami, which means ‘folding paper’ in Japanese.  At first, I used memo paper from the dollar store to make animals, geometrical shapes, and boxes.  Later, I bought a few packs of origami paper, which provided me with a greater variety of colors and patterns.  The patterned origami paper provided me with the challenge of trying to figure out how I could best display the pattern.  Over the years, I experimented with different types of paper.  It is easy to try out Origami since all you really need is paper.  Origami is not just a creative outlet, but you can learn about others through Origami.  Furthermore, the origami boxes, ball (kusudama), 999 stars and 1000 cranes make great gifts.

Years later, I discovered Quilling, which is an art form involving strips of paper to create a decorative design.  I started making handmade cards with the quilling flowers, which lead me to the world of rubber stamping.  When I entered the store, I was just looking for a “Happy Birthday” stamp to use for my cards.  However, the owner of the store showed me the simple technique of embossing with embossing powder; and I was hooked.  Today, I have hundreds of rubber stamps.  Through rubber stamping, I learned about scrapbooking where I discovered amazing tools, embellishments, and of course more paper. 

With the discovery of different papers and tools over the years, it is fun to see the evolution of my handmade cards, invitations, scrapbooks and other paper crafts.  Most of all, I have enjoyed sharing this passion with others.  At the beginning, most people do not believe me when I tell them it is really not that difficult to make an origami box or a card.  Through my “funshops”, I have been able to show them it is not as difficult as they may think.  Initially, the goal of the funshops was to discover the hidden talents of our coworkers, to continue decorating and to personalize our working environment, to encourage interaction, and of course to have FUN!!  However, I soon realize it was also my attempt to share with others the wonderful feeling I get from this passion.

What started with a sheet of paper has grown into a room filled with paper, rubber stamps, punches, ribbon, paper flowers, and many other paper crafting tools.  My husband refers to this room as “The Paper Room”.  For me, it is my “happy place” … a place for me to create.  And after all these years, paper still amazes me … the vast variety, its wonderful texture and color, and the possibilities it gives you.  Every time I look at a sheet of paper, it reminds me of all the possibilities there are if you open your mind.  There is so much more out there to discover and learn, and the possibilities of what you can do are endless not just with paper!