Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday ...

It's my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday big brother!  Here are a few pics of the card I made for him. 

I think this is be best part :) ... it's a turning point for me!  In the past, I would never dream of putting something like that on the back of my cards ... now, I'm even thinking about having a stamp made.  Hmmm... I guess this means that this blog is here to stay for a while.

You've probably noticed a few of the earlier posts now have my name in the picture ... I was playing around with that and decided I'd put that on my pictures ... then it got me thinking about making a stamp again.  I previously thought about it but guess like the blog wasn't ready yet ... not to mention I thought it would be silly just to have my name :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just love this stamp ...

Remember the Delicate Blossom stamp by Hero Arts from a previous post?  Well, like a lot of my other stamps, I still haven't gotten this one out of my system.  To be honest, I'm not sure I ever will ... I love this stamp!!  When hubbie asked me for an anniversary card ... my first reaction was "Am I making my own card?"  Our anniversary is coming up, so I thought he was planning ahead and pretending to ask for a co-worker.  Nope, it really is for a co-worker :)

So this is what I made ... you've already seen this stamp and technique in the previous post ... but here the card is put together.  What do you think?  I printed the text in a matching colour.  He's co-worker provided the text ... they've been married for 30 years! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting summer camp soon ...

When we were kids, our summer camp was going to Cleveland to visit my aunts, uncle, great aunt and great uncle ... good memories ... fun times :)  Guess what!?  I've registered for summer camp, and it's starting on June 27 ... Summer Card Camp 2011

It's a 4-week online card class with Jennifer McGuire, Kristina Werner & Friends ... isn't this just the best idea!!  I'm so looking forward to this :)  With how busy things have been preparing for the weddings, I honestly did not think I would have time to do much craft stuff other than for the wedding ... I'm glad I was wrong ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Here it is ...

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks, and it seems like some of my aunts have received Mei Mei's invitations last week, so I guess I can now post them :) 

Initally, when trying to match the border with the bamboo, green was suggested to me ... but I thought it may look too Christmassy ... you know with the red and green thing going :)  So, we decided on brown and kept the stems of the bamboo brown ... even thought bamboos are completely green.  Anyway, here are the pics ...

The envelopes were suppose to be red ... the same paper as the invitations.  However, the store would have to order 1000 envelopes from the supplier ... eeeek ... I would have needed 60 of the 1000.  The other option was the same paper as the brown border ... it looked ok ... then it all came together ... natural white ... same colour paper the invitations were printed on.  In the end, it was the better choice ... I was able to print directly on the envelope, which was nicer than sticking a label on a red or brown envelope.  And I was able to add a little something ... I thought a double happiness symbol to seal the envelope would be a nice touch ... seems more completed.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quick share ...

Here's a card I made with one of my Papertrey Ink stamps ... the "In Bloom" stamp set.  I used colouring pencils and odourless solvent to color the flower and leaves ... I so love this technique!

Oh and I stamp the sentiment on left over scraps from making Mei Mei's invitations ... the sentiment is also from a Papertrey stamp set.  Did I ever mention how much I love using scraps?  Some may think I'm silly, but I don't like to waste anything ... especially PAPER!!  Here's some more sentiments on the scraps all ready to go on a card, and as you can see, I have a quite a bit of scraps to use up :)