Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding updates ...

Finished the mock-up invitation for my brother and Holly's wedding with the actually papers to be used for the real invites ... however, they won't be needing it ... at least not that one :)  There's been a change of plans!  They won't be having a destination wedding ... it'll be a ceremony at City Hall, off for the honeymoon, and then a dinner afterwards.  I don't have all the details ... I think they're still getting married in May.  All I can say is:  "Don't do it in July during the Carifiesta weekend!  The streets will be blocked, and you may not get to City Hall on time."  Yes, I'm speaking from experience!

So, I guess now I can post pictures of the invitation on my blog and not have to wait until after they've been sent out.  Sorry, but you will have to wait a bit longer since I haven't taken pictures yet :)

Save the Date!  Mei Mei has a date for the big day ... August 20!  They've booked a place for the ceremony and reception (BTW, both are held at the same place) ... so it's really official now!  Next on the list ... finding a dress and everything else!  I guess I better get a move on finalizing the wedding invitations ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back at work!

Nothing new to share today ... just wanted to check in. 

Been back to work now for about a week ... you can probably tell from the long gap from my last post.  However, it's just not due to work ... been busy on the weekend working on my brother and Holly's wedding invitations ... actually, more like hunting for paper!  We went to at least 5 places looking for a specific paper in hopes of finding paper that I bought about 10 years ago ... I knew I should have stocked up!  The good thing about all this running around is that hubbie can now say that he played a part in helping with the wedding invitations ... all that driving around from store to store :)

Well, 3 packs of paper later ... I think I found a suitable replacement to what I used in the mock-up ... yaaay ... I'm sure hubbie's happy about that.  Here's the winning pack of paper:

Monday, January 10, 2011

What a mess ... but loving it!

Normally, the house is clean when I'm on vacation ... not the case this time around.  Still on vacation ... and The Paper Room is a real mess!  However, it's a good thing ... I've been playing :)

Started working on my Ketto stamps class samples and took a break and worked on my brother's wedding invitations.  I've haven't gone back to finish my samples for my class ... I know I know ...


Wha?!  The invitations are a priority :)  Anyway, tweeked the mock-up of my brother's wedding invitation a bit more and completed the RSVP card ... I did have to stop myself because I've found other things that can be tweeked.  Moved on to Mei Mei's invitations :) 

As you can see, I did not lie ... it's a mess!  However, to be fair, it is a result of 3 different projects!  This side is not too bad ... BTW, the picture's dark, so you can't see too much of what I'm doing ;)

When hubbie saw this side of the room, he said "It looks like a bomb went off in here!"  Yes ... a creative bomb!  I need a longer table!  The one I have is not long enough ... I had to work on part of the process on the floor.  However, if I got a longer table, I'd need a bigger room :)  Maybe hubbie will have a light bulb moment and want to finish the basement and let me use it as a huge craft room ... now wouldn't that be cool!  Ok, back to reality ... but it's nice to dream ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lots of fun ...

What a great day I had today!  Mei Mei came over this afternoon (oops, I mean yesterday afternoon ... just notice the time ... it's after midnight), and we talked wedding stuff ... and had a lot of laughs in between.  I always have a good time with her ... she's so wacky; it's hard not to have fun!  Yeah, ok ... I'm a bit wacky too ... what can I say; she has rubbed off on me over the years ;)

I've been having fun working on my brother and Holly's wedding invitations ... pretty much most of the day on Sunday and a bit yesterday morning ... I think I got a mock up that I'm ok with ... next I have to finish working on the reply card.  Then I could show them and get feedback.  Can't wait to start working on Mei Mei's invitations :) 

However, I should finish my cards for my class ... at least for one of my classes.  I'm almost there ... I do take long to prepare since I tend to go a "bit" overboard.  Hubbie would leave out the "bit" in my sentence :)  Here's a peek of what's in progress.  Please forgive the mess ... I actually tidy things up a bit and zoomed in, so you don't get distracted by the messy room ;)  I'm planning to make 4 cards with a different Ketto stamp showing different techniques.  Some of the cards require cutting the outfit after stamping it on pattern paper or pattern's that I made ... I feel like I'm a kid again and making clothes for my dolls ... I had fun doing that back then too :)

The cards on the left are for the class I'm working on ... the 8 on the right you may recognize are from my last class.  I like to have them out there for inspiration ... and so I don't make any cards too similar or the same :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's 2011!!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  Wishing you health, love, happiness, prosperity and all that good stuff :)

Hope everyone had fun ringing in the New Year!  This time of the year is usually one of reflection for me ... the lessons learned and memories from the previous year and the goals and opportunities of the new year!  I'm really looking forward to all the new adventures this year will bring ... and of course all the new stamps, papers, inks, tools, embellishments to be discovered ;)

Hope you'll continue to share in my creative journey in the new year!