Monday, January 10, 2011

What a mess ... but loving it!

Normally, the house is clean when I'm on vacation ... not the case this time around.  Still on vacation ... and The Paper Room is a real mess!  However, it's a good thing ... I've been playing :)

Started working on my Ketto stamps class samples and took a break and worked on my brother's wedding invitations.  I've haven't gone back to finish my samples for my class ... I know I know ...


Wha?!  The invitations are a priority :)  Anyway, tweeked the mock-up of my brother's wedding invitation a bit more and completed the RSVP card ... I did have to stop myself because I've found other things that can be tweeked.  Moved on to Mei Mei's invitations :) 

As you can see, I did not lie ... it's a mess!  However, to be fair, it is a result of 3 different projects!  This side is not too bad ... BTW, the picture's dark, so you can't see too much of what I'm doing ;)

When hubbie saw this side of the room, he said "It looks like a bomb went off in here!"  Yes ... a creative bomb!  I need a longer table!  The one I have is not long enough ... I had to work on part of the process on the floor.  However, if I got a longer table, I'd need a bigger room :)  Maybe hubbie will have a light bulb moment and want to finish the basement and let me use it as a huge craft room ... now wouldn't that be cool!  Ok, back to reality ... but it's nice to dream ;)

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