Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back at work!

Nothing new to share today ... just wanted to check in. 

Been back to work now for about a week ... you can probably tell from the long gap from my last post.  However, it's just not due to work ... been busy on the weekend working on my brother and Holly's wedding invitations ... actually, more like hunting for paper!  We went to at least 5 places looking for a specific paper in hopes of finding paper that I bought about 10 years ago ... I knew I should have stocked up!  The good thing about all this running around is that hubbie can now say that he played a part in helping with the wedding invitations ... all that driving around from store to store :)

Well, 3 packs of paper later ... I think I found a suitable replacement to what I used in the mock-up ... yaaay ... I'm sure hubbie's happy about that.  Here's the winning pack of paper:

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