Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lots of fun ...

What a great day I had today!  Mei Mei came over this afternoon (oops, I mean yesterday afternoon ... just notice the time ... it's after midnight), and we talked wedding stuff ... and had a lot of laughs in between.  I always have a good time with her ... she's so wacky; it's hard not to have fun!  Yeah, ok ... I'm a bit wacky too ... what can I say; she has rubbed off on me over the years ;)

I've been having fun working on my brother and Holly's wedding invitations ... pretty much most of the day on Sunday and a bit yesterday morning ... I think I got a mock up that I'm ok with ... next I have to finish working on the reply card.  Then I could show them and get feedback.  Can't wait to start working on Mei Mei's invitations :) 

However, I should finish my cards for my class ... at least for one of my classes.  I'm almost there ... I do take long to prepare since I tend to go a "bit" overboard.  Hubbie would leave out the "bit" in my sentence :)  Here's a peek of what's in progress.  Please forgive the mess ... I actually tidy things up a bit and zoomed in, so you don't get distracted by the messy room ;)  I'm planning to make 4 cards with a different Ketto stamp showing different techniques.  Some of the cards require cutting the outfit after stamping it on pattern paper or pattern's that I made ... I feel like I'm a kid again and making clothes for my dolls ... I had fun doing that back then too :)

The cards on the left are for the class I'm working on ... the 8 on the right you may recognize are from my last class.  I like to have them out there for inspiration ... and so I don't make any cards too similar or the same :)

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