Friday, June 10, 2011

Here it is ...

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks, and it seems like some of my aunts have received Mei Mei's invitations last week, so I guess I can now post them :) 

Initally, when trying to match the border with the bamboo, green was suggested to me ... but I thought it may look too Christmassy ... you know with the red and green thing going :)  So, we decided on brown and kept the stems of the bamboo brown ... even thought bamboos are completely green.  Anyway, here are the pics ...

The envelopes were suppose to be red ... the same paper as the invitations.  However, the store would have to order 1000 envelopes from the supplier ... eeeek ... I would have needed 60 of the 1000.  The other option was the same paper as the brown border ... it looked ok ... then it all came together ... natural white ... same colour paper the invitations were printed on.  In the end, it was the better choice ... I was able to print directly on the envelope, which was nicer than sticking a label on a red or brown envelope.  And I was able to add a little something ... I thought a double happiness symbol to seal the envelope would be a nice touch ... seems more completed.

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