Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mei Mei's invitations ...

Yaaay!!  I've completed Mei Mei's invitations!  Things are on schedule ... actually a little early ... and I even had time to add a little something to finish off the invitation :)  I had fun making the invitations ... I guess I had more time and was able to enjoy the moment.  They were all packed up in what is becoming my traditional way for invitations ... using the Sushi Shop bag ... those bags are great for invitations not just for carrying sushi ... see ;)  Hmmm, as I'm looking at this picture, it's kinda flat ... should have taking it at an angle ... oh well.

Mei Mei came over today to pick them up, so they should be in the mail next week.  Now, I have 12 weeks to work on the other stuff ... plenty of time.  However, I should probably make a list to ensure I don't forget anything ... time has a way of going by quickly as I saw with my brother's wedding, so the list will help me keep on track.  Luckily, I had Mei Mei to make sure I was ready for my brother's wedding!  This time around I think I'll look for a dress, shoes, etc. earlier on, so we won't be shopping the day before the wedding :)

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