Saturday, November 15, 2014

Care Package #3

It's been a while since I've did a care package for Tiffany.  Last month, I wanted to go to Toronto to visit my grandparents during Thanksgiving weekend.  Since my Aunt A was going to meet up with us there, it was perfect ... she could play courier for my care package :)  Thanks Aunt A for ensuring Tiffany received the package safely!!

Anyway, I've accumulated some things over time ... as usual, this post is more to remind myself what was in the care package, so I don't end up giving her the same thing ;)  If it's duplicate paper, it's not an issue as you can't have too much paper!  Recently, I had learned that Tiffany got a Sizzix BigKick ... that is so cool ... hubbie looked at me like I was some kind of nut when I told him about it.  I guess he did not understand why I was so thrilled.  Well at least Tiffany gets me ... which is why I love putting these care packages for her ... I think she's like me when I get a new craft tool, embellishment or just new paper :) [really BIG smile] ... not to mention she's such a sweetie!!

Since Tiffany now has a BigKick, I could not resist buying this embossing folder during a sale I went to.  BTW, I'm truly my mom's daughter ... I love sales!  I rarely buy things at full price as I know everything goes on special at one point in time :)

At the same sale, I also bought some packs of Lawn Fawn paper (12"x12" and 6"x6").  The 12"x12" came with 6 buttons ... very cute.  Tiffany makes and sends out Christmas cards, so I thought she could use this to make some quick ones.  Anyway, I put the 12"x12" paper in this plastic folder that I got at the 1st scrapbook convention they had in Montreal ... a really long time ago!  I thought I may be able to find some paper in Toronto and put them in there, but unfortunately, I didn't do any shopping before Aunt A headed home.

I included some 8.5"x11" paper for Tiffany to try (110 lb Neenah Solar White cardstock, Stardream Red Lacquer cardstock, Stardream Metallic Bronze text paper, and Stardream Antique Gold text paper).  I thought some would work for Christmas cards ... and probably other cards for that matter :)

Also, included the stamps and stamp sets that I picked up during some sales at various stores.  I actually picked up the stamp at the bottom right for myself, but I had already bought it.  This rarely happens that I buy duplicates, but it happened in this case as I would pick it up and put it back ... I think I almost bought it on 3 different occasions before actually getting it.  I remember saying do I really need another flower stamp ... actually, I don't "need" anything ... just want it :)  Anyway instead of returning it, I immediately thought of Tiffany ... it's great having another fellow crafter in the family :)  It's just too bad she doesn't live closer :(

I went through my rub-ons as I knew I did not give her any previously ... only because I checked my previous posts :)  I got this to embellish cards that are made with dark cardstock.  I love the way white looks on dark cardstock!

Since Tiffany makes cards, of course having envelopes would be really handy!  I have accumulated so many over the years!  I gave her some different color and size envelopes, but I did stop myself as she would end up with a box full if I didn't :)

Lastly, some more cardstock I picked up ... yup, from another sale ... 2 packs of solid cardstock and one of pattern paper.  I love the pattern paper pack ... it has an Asian theme.  It's meant to be used on your scrapbook, but I find they make great cards ... not to mention it is also quick and easy cards!

So that's it ... hope this was not too boring!  I just need to record this somehow, so I don't get or put the same things for the next care package :)


  1. That was some care package! A big bag full of goodies. Thank you again and I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. And Tiffany does too. Aunt A

    1. No thanks necessary Aunt A ... I love shopping for craft stuff ;)