Monday, January 7, 2013

Gift Card Holder ...

With the holidays coming up, I thought a gift card holder would be a good make n take idea.  Here are a few samples I made for the make n take in early December.  As you can see from the 4th picture, they were pretty simple ... a piece to hold the gift card and a belly band with a tag to hold the flap in place.

I also created some cards with the same stamp sets hoping it would give customers some additional inspiration/ideas of what they could do with the same stamp set.  Yeah, I went a little crazy with the ornament idea :)

You could also use these stamps as a seal for the envelope.  That's actually the 1st thing that came to mind when I saw the stamp below.

During the gift card holder making frenzy, I also made a more complex one that included a place to write a message inside ... however, this would be too long for a quick make n take, so it's just a sample for me.

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