Wednesday, January 9, 2013

4" Square Box ...

Didn't really do any crafts specifically for the holidays.  I made the usually box for the Lindt chocolate and a tag for the bottle of brandy Mei Mei bought.  However, I wanted to make another box for Mei Mei but didn't feel like making the same box ... besides, they already got one last year.  I know I could have decorated it differently ... but that would be boring.

Anyway, I decided to use my Martha Stewart scoring board and make a different one.  I wanted to make a square box ... and figured a 4" square box would fit 20 chocolates nicely.  It was pretty simple ... once I figured out the size.  I just needed to score, cut and stick ... then I cut, embossed and stick the blue cardstock on the box ... filled it with chocolate ... added the ribbon and tag and there you go!

Here's a close up of the tag.  Yeah, I probably should have re-inked my ink pad before stamping ... oh well ... I think it still looks ok.  I used one of the new stamp sets I got from Wild Rose Studio ( called Christmas Circles.  They have a few stamp sets of sentiments in a circle format ... great for cards and as you can see for tags as well.  I love their stamps!


  1. luv-v-v-v-v-v-v the box and the gift card holders..... your talents never ceases to amaze me.....


    1. Thanks MCBG! Happy to see that you're able to post comments again. BTW, we still haven't "taken down" the tree ... I'm thinking of leaving it on the dining room table all year long :)