Friday, January 4, 2013

Accordion album ...

As mentioned previously, my team lead left at the end of November ... headed back to Australia and the surprise for us all was that she also left the company.  From what she said, it seemed like the best thing for her at this point in her life.  She seem happy with her decision ... I'm happy for her.  However, I really miss her ... I've learned a lot from her during this short period and am inspired ... she has touched those around her in one way or another :)

Decided to make an accordion album and add the messages from the team as well as a few pictures ... if I was able to locate some.  With the help of my colleague (thx K!), we ended up having more than enough pictures.  With all the pictures and messages, the album ended up being 22 pages!  A bit more than what I meant to do ... so what else is new ;)

As you can see, I had to work on the floor when it came to putting the album together (my usual technique when putting an album together).  I had 3 different colours alternating in the album, so I wanted to ensure the pictures and messages were spaced nicely in the album.

Here's the finished album.  The colours of the pages were selected to match the handmade pattern paper that I used to cover the album.  I love this paper!!

Here's a couple of pictures of the pages of the album when it's fully opened as well as some close ups.  I sure used a lot of double-sided tape!

As usual, I made a box for the Lindt chocolate ... it just wouldn't be right if I didn't make one ... I mean I've done this for almost everyone in the team either for their birthday or departure ... it's tradition!  I used a different pattern from the same set of handmade paper used for the cover of the album, so it would be a matching box.  I decided to also cover the bottom inside the box ... I thought it would look nicer after the chocolate was finished.

We ended up giving her a Hoselton sculpture of 3 inukshuks called "circle of friends" and had it engraved.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to take a picture of it.  Also, hubbie was generous enough to part with a can of maple syrup.  Everything fit perfectly in this bagel bag ... another good souvenir of Montreal :)

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