Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Posting for a year now ...

It's already been a year since I've started this blog!!  I can't believe it ... I guess what they say is true ... time goes by quickly when you're having fun :)

Of course another reason to celebrate last weekend ... it was Mei Mei's birthday!  Happy Birthday again Mei Mei :)  Here's the 1st card I made for her ... yup still playing with scrapbooking paper.  I liked the idea of the flowers on the bottom; however, the flowers were very large.  Therefore, this card turned out to be 9" x 12"!

I didn't really like it, so back to the drawing board.  Anyone need a big card :)  After going through my paper, I found the perfect paper with smaller flowers ... and dah dum ... a normal size card (6" x 6")!


Yup, using scrapbooking paper continues to inspire me.  However, finding the right one isn't always that easy ... but when you do, everything just falls into place :)

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