Monday, September 5, 2011

The creativity continues ...

Wah Biu Goo sent us a couple of pictures of some origami Tiffany did.  Isn't this cool!  I gotta try this :)  It would make great decorations for a party or wedding ;)

Actually, Tiffany's creative side is already known, so it's not a surprise to see creativity from her.   She's a real artist ... unlike me, she can draw and has worked with various mediums.  I use rubber stamps to create my images ... I guess we make due with what we have :)

Hey, just think if I could find a way to make it big enough, a pair could be made for a wedding and the fortune inside could be like a sign-in book with the wishes from all the guests to the happy couple.  Or it could be the bonboniere with the chocolates or sweets inside.  Now, I just gotta figure out how to do this ...


  1. i don't want to take ALL the credit. I stumbled upon a website and tried it out... i absolutely fell in love with the photos on the website... so yeah... you just need a perfect circle and something strong enough to hold the cookie's shape.... soooooooo i'm sure if you got a 1 ft. circle... you could do it. that's a great idea doing the fortune part as a guestbook. love it!


  3. Thx Tiffany! Love this ... not sure when I'm going to play around with this but will definitely share the outcome with you :)

  4. ooo please do!!! i definitely thought it'd be a GREAT wedding favor idea or part of a favor... lol!

    they're just so cute!