Saturday, January 17, 2015

Something different ...

My colleague at work does stain glass at this place in Old Montreal.  She asked me and another colleague if we would be interested in taking a Mosaics class.  I figured why not ... so in December, I had the opportunity to work with a different medium ... glass!

We had the choice putting pieces of glass on glass or wood.  I opted to do glass on wood ... no, it's not because I need to use some form of paper or something when I create :)  It was for a practical purpose ... I could use the finished piece as a coaster ... instead of just a decorative piece with the glass on glass.  I think that's another thing I get from my mom ... practical ... sometimes ;)

The 1st step was to draw a design for your "masterpiece" (I'm using this word really loosely!).  I knew what I drew would be just the idea, and it would definitely not be exactly like that ... at least that was what I was hoping for.  My drawing was very geometric ... and quite primitive as you can see!  I just wanted to get the shapes down ... I really did not know what I was doing :)

The end result is definitely not like the drawing ... thankfully (I think)!  However, you can see the basic idea is there.  We had a lot of fun chatting while we cut and glued the glass.  I would definitely consider taking another class ... but I don't think this would be a new hobby as I would have to sell off my paper and stamps to make room, which I'm not willing to do!  Hubbie said I can only fill up one room in the house :)

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