Saturday, January 10, 2015

Box inspired ...

After making those boxes for the chocolates over the holidays, I was inspired to make some containers for my alcohol inks.  I'm been looking for a container the would fit my alcohol inks perfectly for some time now.  I was going to get this tin container I saw at Emballage Tout but decided to see if I had something better at home ... I did ... paper :)

Yup, I made a container ... 4 to be exact ... to store my alcohol inks.  Guess what, my inks fit perfectly!!  I started by grouping my inks to figure out the size of the container.  Using the thickest watercolour paper I had, I cut, scored, and decorate ... there you have it!

I decided to emboss the piece of brown cardstock I put on the sides to give it a more decorative look, but the real purpose is to reinforce the sides to make the container sturdier.  I also put a piece of cardstock at the bottom.

Between my new containers and the Distress Inks, I had my mini blending tools ... so, I decided to make a couple of containers to put them in :)

I decided to put the same brown cardstock on the sides ... matching set :)  I just love these mini blending tools ... they make blending inks so easy!

Everything in it's place :)  Is this not great?!  I just love organizing ... yes, I'm weird I know.

I ended up making 3 more containers to store my reinkers :)  They are stored in a desktop cube with 9 compartments that I got from Michaels.  With these containers, my reinkers are more easily accessible as I can now just pull out the container and get what I want instead of taking each item out one by one!  I haven't made any containers for my stickles at the top, but it doesn't mean I won't in the future :)

Da dum ... easy access!

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