Sunday, January 4, 2015

Boxes ...

For a few years now, hubbie and I buy Lindt chocolate and put them in handmade boxes as a little treat for the family during the holidays.  I try to make different boxes from the previous year or at least decorate it differently.  This year, I decided to make a box with a separation inside the box.

Here's the 1st box I made for Stephane's mom ... my mom asked me to get a box of chocolates, so she could give it to Stephane's mom since she was joining us for the family dim sum on Christmas day.  I based the colour scheme on the gold ribbon I wanted to use :)  I ended up using the paper I used for my brother's wedding invitations.

I embossed the paper with snowflakes to go with the holiday theme :)

I made dividers to separate the box in 4 sections ...

I put a ribbon and tag on the box ... and all done!  I love this paper ... depending on the angle the light hits the paper, you get different colours :)

I made a few more boxes ... for Mei Mei & Stephane, my brother & Holly, my mom, and my dad ... so another 4 boxes.  I must admit I had a lot of fun making them ... I still wanted to make more but then what would I do with the boxes!  I guess I'll wait until next year to get it out of my system :)

I made 2 boxes with a thick scrapbook paper that I got on sale from Michaels.  The paper on this 1st box already had glitter on it, so I did not need to add any :)

I just love the stamp I used for the tags.  It's a stamp set from Wild Rose Studio ... I love their stamps!

Here's the 2nd box ... I added some stickles to the center of the snowflakes, but I don't think you can see it.  I love this colour combination ... the paper is from the same pad of paper as the one above, which is why the similar colours.

I decided to use a more traditional colour scheme for the other 2 boxes ...

I added some stickles to the white part of the stockings and the center of the snowflakes but did not retake the pictures.

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