Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pop-up Card ...

Here's a couple of cards I made some time ago ... it's basically the same concept but with a different image, colour and pattern paper.  You know when I say I don't like to waste anything ... well, I wasn't kidding!  The paper I used for this 1st card comes in a pack of 6 sheets.  There's a little piece of paper that shows the different sheets you're getting in the pack ... I actually used it for the outfit on Sake Ketto!  It was a perfect match to the background of the card :)

Here's the first card ...

If you pull on the ribbon, the card slides open and you see a hidden message :)

The image stands up when you put the ribbon.  Also, I don't know if you could see it well, but I put foam dots on the outfit to give it some dimension.

Here's another one using paper from the same pack of paper.  I decided to try to make a tab to pull out instead of a ribbon.  I'll need to make the card 1/4" smaller when I do this, so that it fits in a regular size envelope.  No big deal for this card since it's going to be my sample ... then again I guess I could always make an envelope for it :)

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