Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 birds with 1 stone ...

After cleaning up The Paper Room, I had 2 of these kinds containers that I wasn't sure what to do with.  Hubbie took one to put screws, nails, etc. ... you know what it was meant for :)

As for the one below, I decided to give this one to my friends for her daughter.  However, I just couldn't give it to her like that ... I got this great idea to fill it with die cuts.  I had given some die cuts previously to her daughter, and she loved it.  She even brought some to school to share with her friends ... so cute!

I basically die cut a bunch of stuff ... words, numbers, balloons, butterflies, hearts, arrows, footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, bicycle, t-shirts, polaroids, frames, etc.

 Since I have sooooo many paper flowers and brads, I decided to fill a few drawers up with this.

I also added some cardstock already folded, so she could make cards.  I put some envelopes and tags as well, but it's not in the picture since I added them after I took the picture.

Lastly, I put some beads, stickers and stamp set in the last drawer.  


Hopefully, she will have fun with all this stuff!  It works out for me ... I get to "recycle" this container and use up some of the scraps of paper I have ... win-win!!  BTW, I was still die cutting ... I figure I would do this until they come to pick it up ... gave me a chance to use up more scraps :)  Anyway, my friend came with her daughter to pick it up yesterday, so a little less stuff in the room :)  I think hubbie wanted to get rid of more stuff as he asked my friend's daughter if she had pockets ... a real comedian!!

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