Saturday, August 11, 2012

Yaay, all done ...

Well, I'm finally done with Mei Mei's thank you cards!  I did the 1st batch (Mei Mei's side of the family) at the end of June since Mei Mei and Stephane were going to Toronto and would be making the rounds to hand delivered them.  Finished the remaining ones last month ... so all done!  As you can see, I've been done for some time; however, it took me a while to post this.

Here's the thank you card ... I did something different than the usual card.

Here's the mini album I made ...

I started making the albums for Stephane's parents last weekend ... see the messy table :)  Actually, the process starts on the floor cutting the board for the cover.  The messy table is a sign that I'm at the assembling point.  Hopefully, I'll be finishing them this weekend.


  1. SO talented!!! how do you do that thank you card?!

    1. Can't take credit for the idea ... I've seen it on the web. I just adjusted it to match the wedding invitations and the size so that it would fit the pic and envelope. Here's a tutorial of how to do one ... Have fun!