Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a beautiful day ...

It's been such a busy week at work.  I'm so glad it's the weekend even if I have to work a bit to finish up something ... I'll do that tonight :)  Had a nice day today ... mom, hubbie and I went for dim sum.  When we got back to her place, she showed me one of the melons in her garden ... well, it started with one.

Here's the 1st one she showed me ... it's quite big!  As you can see, she had to do something so that it would not fall off the vine.  The 2nd picture gives you a better idea of how big it is ... that's mom holding the melon.

Here's a picture of some younger siblings sporting the same cute little outfit by mom.  Guess she made it bigger ... room to grow ;)

She then proceeded to show me this big bitter melon.  BTW, it's not the only one of it's kind.

It's amazing that these melons start off this small.  I forgot to ask mom what this is, but I guess we'll see.

After unsuccessfully going to a few places, hubbie and I headed to the Quinn farm to get some fresh corn.  He decided to take the "scenic" route ... no, we didn't get lost ... although, that would not be the 1st time :)  We went along the lakeshore ... here's a picture I took during our drive ... not too bad in a moving car with my phone.


  1. These melons look amazing. No surprise there as your mom is known for her green thumb. Perhaps I should take some pointers from her when I can't even keep a bamboo plant for long. Better yet, I think she should volunteer to check on all the plants in my house on a regular basis. LOL "Hi" to hubbie. Wah Bui Goo

    1. Hi Wah Bui Goo! Hope all is well with you. Sorry for the delay in responding ... haven't had a chance to post much due to work. However, we're live now with the project, so hopefully, I'll be posting more. Hubbie says "Hi".