Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's for dinner ...

No card to share but thought I'd just check in.  Hope you're all having a good weekend!  I am ... had a nice dinner with mom and hubbie ... and placed an order with Papertrey Ink yesterday :)

My mom had her eye operation last Tuesday, so she's suppose to take it easy.  Therefore, we decided to go out for dinner yesterday ... no cooking for her and to get her out of the house.  With the exception of the doctor's appointments, she hasn't been out since last Saturday. 

We went to Mikasa for sushi ... we ordered the usual ... veggie tempura for hubbie, garden salad for mom and me, and the usual maki sushi.  I started to flip through the specialities they have, and we decided to try one of their entrées ... Katsu Salmon.  It's pieces of salmon lightly tempura and served with 3 sauces.  Sorry, the picture's not that great, but you get the idea ... it was quite good.  Next time, hubbie wants to try the tuna.


  1. Emily, Sorry I have not kept up on your blog lately. Still dealing with Tiffany's departure :-( Hope your Mom is doing well (I'll call her when I get home today). Happy Belated Anniversary to you and hubbie! Can't believe it's been 11 years since getting lost on the way to City Hall. May you & hubbie live each day filled with love and happiness. Love, Wah Bui Goo

    1. Hi Wah Bui Goo, wish I could offer you some words of comfort :( Mom's fine; it went better than the 1st eye probably because she knew what to expect so was less anxious. Thanks for the warm wishes ... yeah, 11 years ... scary huh? Hubbie says "Hi". Hugs, Emily