Sunday, July 15, 2012

Already 11 years ...

Hubbie and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary last week.  It's amazing how quickly time goes by!  What happen to the time!?  Happy to say we've survived another year ... and we're giving us another year :)  I usually don't ask him, but this year I did ... I usually tell him ... ok, I'll give you another year ;)

My day started in The Paper Room making his card.  I wasn't inspired the previous weekend, but through out the week, I had flashes of what I wanted to do for the card.  Something simple ... and I wanted to use the Memory Box Heart Delights die and some of the scraps of cardstock from Mei Mei's wedding invitations.  Oh and I finally got to use something from the monthy card kits I've been receiving since April ... the sentiment is from one of the stamp sets.  Here's the card ...

For hubbie, the day didn't start off that great ... he woke up with a slight headache.  However, with the help of a good cup of coffee, it seem to go away ... probably more due to time.  We went off for dim sum at the new Kam Fung restaurant that opened in the West Island.  Later on, we went to the movies and saw Spiderman ... hubbie's favorite superhero.  He's a kid at heart as you can see :) 

After the movie we went to Baton Rouge for dinner, hubbie had a steak and baked potatoe ... such a good boy.  I, on the other hand, had ribs ... fries and fries.

The day ended with this ... guess, hubbie was not that good after all ... I  was worst ... I stole some ice cream from his dessert ;)  BTW, that's hubbie's hand in the corner ... spoon in hand waiting patiently for me to take the picture, so he could have his dessert :)

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