Saturday, July 21, 2012

Difficult card ...

Here's a card I made last month for a friend ... her father passed away :(  When I heard the news, I immediately thought ... I need to make a card.

I seldom make this type of card (... thankfully) ... it took me a while before I figured out what to do.  It wasn't just figuring out the colours or stamp I wanted to use ... that was actually the easy part ... used one of my favourite colour combos.  My thoughts went from being sad for her and imagining what she must be going through to the reality that we will all endure difficult times in our lives ... this is inevitable. 

However, I realize (and hope it's her case) that there is some comfort in having family and friends around her during this difficult time.  On a personal note, I tend to focus on the memories and what the person or event has brought to my life ... that always leaves me with a sense of gratitude and hope that I've touched someone in the same way.  Ok, I'm going to end there and leave you with the pics of the card before this becomes a weird post!

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