Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hubbie's homework ...

This was way too cute not to share.  Hubbie is taking a 5-week photography course, and he has homework.  In week 1, his homework was to take pictures of a bowl of fruit or something.  He took out his California Raisins and set up the stage ... litterally.  I found a set of raisins on a higher platform facing some other raisins ... apparently, there was a concert ... LOL.

In week 2, he needed to take pictures of a person.  In support, I posed for pictures ... so nothing interesting except I got to make faces at hubbie in between shots :)

This week (week 3), this is what I found when I came out ... hubbie had set up for his homework.  I like how he gave the little guy in the back a booster seat :)  In the end, he didn't use the white bear since you could not see his eyes ... glad hubbie did not decide to give him a hair cut!  He did use a clip to hold up the arm of his remaining subject ... yup, he wanted him to be waving :)

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