Monday, February 20, 2012

Care package ...

Cool ... just read that Tiffany got the package, so I can post this now.  It arrived quicker than the post office said!

Decided to put together a craft care package for Tiffany.  No clue what she has, so I figured I'd take a guess and send her some things she may not have ... however, if she has something like it already, one can always do with more, right? :)

She's asked about embossing, so I thought it would be a good idea to send her some embossed cardstock.  She'd be able to see what embossing folders are out there and make a card with them :)  Most embossing folders will cover a 4.25"x5.5" piece of cardstock.  However, there are a few larger ones out there, which cover 5.75"x6.5" piece of cardstock.  As you can see, there's quite a few designs out there ... ok, I guess that means I have quite a few designs ;)

Here's a few individual shots of some of them ... hopefully, you'll be able to see the design.  I did two of each ... nope ... it's not all the embossing folders I have .  I put a limit on the number I was doing, so I wouldn't be sending only embossed cardstock :)

In line with that thought, I sent her some die cuts to give her an idea of what she could do with a machine that embosses and die cuts.

I die cut a bunch of labels using Papertrey Ink's Jar Labels 2 die and heat embossed some sentiments on them ... this way Tiffany could see what heat embossing is all about.  Of course, I had to do a few with the Photo Finish Strips die as well.  I stopped there ... I didn't want to get carried away ;)  I sent her some blank ones as well, so she could put her own sentiment by writing it, using stickers or rub-ons.

And you can't go without a little sparkle on your cards, so sent her some glitter and Stickles.  She'll be able to add that little touch of shine to her cards!  I just love Stickles ... oh, and I just love finding glitter on hubbie ... unfortunately, he doesn't feel the same way ;)

I put some Stickles in the middle of the flowers and a bit on the butterfly to demonstrate a little goes a long way.  BTW, Tiffany you don't need to cut the nozzle.  If nothing comes out when you squeeze, just use a needle to clear the nozzle. 

You don't need a lot of glitter ... I usually just put my finger on the glitter and a bit sticks to my finger ... then I just sprinkle it on.  This little bit is enough to just add a little sparkle to the card.  I usually don't put more than that.  WARNING:  You may (ok, most likely) end up with glitter on yourself.

Here's a better picture of the card.  The flower stamp and sentiment are from Papertrey Ink, and the butterfly is from Hero Arts.  I stamped the sentiment on leftover paper from making Mei Mei's wedding invitations. 


  1. thank you again! i have a thank you card on the way, but as of 6:30 PM tonight, it still was sitting in my mailbox :( but anyways, thank you again! :) i have yet to use any of the new stuff but i'm glad you sent them! i started to look at the sizzix machines online. i'll definitely need to get one!

    1. You're very welcome Tiffany bui muih! You didn't have to send a card ... although I do love seeing your work and cards. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with the new stuff :) I don't know if the Michael's near your place carries Sizzix machines ... with their sales, you may be able to get one on special! Hmmm ... do you think you'd like stamping? Ok, maybe we should look at that another time ;)

  2. hey, where's my care package?? i'd like a TDH, about 6'2", financially independent and adores me.....

    1. Sorry, that's not the type of care package I do. However, if you'd like some paper and die cuts or other crafting materials, I'll be happy to comply :)

  3. no thank you. i already have an unlimited supply of paper and craft material - from the paper room, from the tong gallery, and the latest, from the art room of solon. maybe it's time to branch out?? :) i'm sure you'll do a wonderful job wrapping the TDH-type care package.....