Saturday, June 7, 2014

We have a tenant ...

Hubbie and I were pulling weeds a few weeks ago during our vacation ... yup, a fun vacation activity :)  Anyway, we stop to chat with one of our neighbours, and I noticed something ... we have a tenant!

A bird built a nest in our tree ... hubbie and I think it's quite cool!  Here's a picture where you could see the nest.

However, the bird wasn't facing the right way for the camera, so I went around to the other side.  Somewhat better ... it took a few attempts as it was a bit windy and the leaves kept getting into the picture.

Oops, I got a bit too close and the clicking of the camera scared it ... sorry!  Came out of the nest ...

... and then on to the neighbour's fence.  Figure I better leave it alone.


Oh, here's some other outside news ... hubbie and I finally got some plants and planted them in the flower bed in front of the house.  We figure it was time to grow something else instead of weeds.  Hubbie said since he mastered growing weeds, he figured it was time to move on to something else :)

Hubbie did the actual planting ... I helped him fill the flower bed with soil and took off after seeing a bunch of mosquitoes flying around.  I already got bitten once when we were pulling weeds, so I didn't want to get bitten again!  However, by the end of our vacation, I got bitten 3 more times :(

We planted Weigela Florida Nana Variegata ... quite the mouthful.   They're suppose to look like this ...


Initially, we thought maybe we would plant some annuals flowers until they grow to their full size, which would be in about 3-4 years.  However, we didn't know what to plant ... maybe next year ... one step at a time :) 

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