Friday, November 18, 2011

Hubbie's project ...

Last weekend, hubbie was working in the garage on a little project.  Using some hangers, a 2x4, copper wire, washers, etc ... he came up with this ... no, it's not some kind of art sculpture :)  Are you ready for this ... it's an antenna!  And you know what, it actually works :)  We're able to pick up a few more channels ... who needs cable ;) 

Being safety conscious, I didn't like that the ends of the wire were not covered.  I show hubbie that I could cover it ... came out of The Paper Room with a piece of black fun foam and glue dot ... here's a close up.  However, hubbie's going to buy some plastic covers to put at the end of the wire.  

BTW, this is a prototype, hubbie said the real one will look better.  I'll post a picture when he completes it.

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