Saturday, March 12, 2011

Colouring is fun ...

Well the wait for the details for Holly and my brother's invitations is finally over ... wedding date is officially May 21!  I can now continue production :)  I'm aiming to complete the invitations by next weekend, so they can send them out.  While I was waiting, I worked a bit on Mei Mei's invitations and did some colouring.

In my last class, we used colour pencils, an odourless solvant (aka gamsol or mineral spirits) and paper stumps to colour the images.  Well since then I've been colouring at lunch time in the office or in front of the TV ... it's quite relaxing !  The colouring brought me back to my childhood :)  The Delicate Blossoms stamp is the perfect image to colour ...

What do you think?  I'd show the coloured image to hubbie and ask "Nice?" ... "Yes" he would reply ... then I'd go on to ask "I'm good at colouring, huh?" ... "Yes, you stay within the lines."  Isn't it cute how he humours me?  I think I did that with each one that I coloured ... and I don't think I'm done with the colouring  :)

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