Saturday, January 11, 2014

Boxes ...

Here are some boxes I made for Christmas.  I usually make a box for Mei Mei and Stephane and my "parents".  I put parents in quotes since my mom usually doesn't get any ... someone doesn't share ;)  So, this year, I decided to make one for her as well.  I guess I was on a roll ... I made 4 boxes :)

I didn't like the ribbon I had, so I figure I would make a belly band to hold the box closed.  I found the belly band looked kind of plain, so I embossed it with the same pattern in 3 of the boxes.

I realized that what I did not like was that the belly band was a bit too wide, so I reduced it by 1/4" and left it plain on the last box.  I think it looks much better ... gives a bit more contrast.

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