Sunday, December 29, 2013

Birthday invitation and craft activity ...

As I haven't had a chance/energy to post what I've been working on, I'm a bit behind in sharing everything.  Here's the birthday invitation I came up with for my neighbour's daughter ... yup, another one!  I don't plan on making birthday invitations for all the kids in our neighbourhood ... in case you were wondering :)

They came over to help put them together ... her daughter coloured the butterfly ... she's so cute (her daughter that is ... the butterfly's cute too)!  I finished them up on during the evening and at lunch time.  It was a bit more work than the invitations I did for my other neighbour's daughter.  However, I just had to make 10, so it wasn't too bad.  Here it is ... what do you think?

Yup, you pull the little tab, and it displays part of the invitation :)

Also, I came up with an idea for a craft activity during the birthday party.  We would make a little notebook ... at first, I thought we could buy a notebook from the dollar store and decorate it.  However, they do not have ones where the pages are blank.  Then I figure why don't we just make a simple notebook ... it's not like I haven't done this before!  I prepared the pages; and at the party, the kids just had to pick the colour for the notebook cover and decorate it.  I brought a bunch of stamps, colour pencils, markers, die cuts, stickers, stickles, etc., and we were good to go :)  I think they all had fun making this!  Here are a few examples I made of the notebook, so they knew what we were doing.


I made a few mini notebooks as part of our gift for the birthday girl ... I left one blank, and the other two I stamped some images for her to colour.  I decided to emboss the cover and put the letter "P" for her name.  Doing this brings me back ... I remember making notebooks with paper when I was younger.  However, they were really simple nothing fancy ... didn't have the tools and stuff we have now :)

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