Saturday, February 23, 2013

New additions ...

So, I've been looking for a better way to store my markers without taking too much room.  Since hubbie doesn't want me to finish the basement and turn it into a big craft room, I have to ensure my storage solution makes the most of the space I have ;) 

I've seen a cubbie from Studio 3 Solutions ( that is perfect for markers.  However, it would need to be shipped from the US, so I can only imagine the shipping cost.  I decided to keep looking ... I've also seen other crafters storing markers and other stuff in this desktop carousel from Michaels.  However, I wasn't sure if this was the best solution for me.

Before the holidays, I saw a cubbie at Michaels at 50% off.  Unfortunately, there weren't any left :(  ... so the search continued.  Last weekend, I saw the craft storage solution items were 50% off again.  I had the intention of getting the desktop carousel and a 3 drawer organizer.  My idea was to put the desktop carousel on the 3 drawer organizer, so that it would be out of the way.  However, after reflecting some more, I decided not to get the desktop carousel.  I thought I would just get the 3 drawer organizer for now ...

Then I saw the 9 cube organizer ... yaay!!

Here's a picture of the 2 new addititions in their new home :)  You probably think I'm silly, but I really like the 9 cube organizer. 

BTW, here's my economical way of storing my markers previously ... I've been using the containers that my Prima flowers came in :)  It wasn't too bad ... however, I prefer the new storage solution ... plenty of room for more markers :)


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