Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cool pic from Aunt T ...

My Aunt T sends me the coolest pictures ... first, it was this one when she was in Dubai in 2011 ... On Thursday, she sent me this one ... pretty cool, huh?  Of course, I like the shape of the box ... cool packaging!

It reminds me of a die I recently bought ... Memory Box's Mini Takeout Box die.  I was playing with it last weekend ... unfortunately, it's not big enough to fit cookies in ... unless they're tiny cookies.  Hmmm ... or maybe I should learn how to make chocolates :)  Yeah, I'm sure hubbie would love it if I took on another hobby (and took over another room in the house) ... LOL.  The finished size of the box is 1.6"x2.1"x1.75".  It's perfect for a party favour or wedding favour.  To be honest, I didn't really have a plan to use it for something specific when I ordered it ... it's not like we throw parties!   However, it is so cute I just couldn't resist buying it :)  I'm sure I'll find some use for it later on!

Anyway, I played with the die a bit last weekend.  I cut the die out and was to anxious to see what it look like that I folded the box before decorating it :)

I decided to emboss the sides with the Leafy Vines stamp from Hero Arts.  It wasn't too difficult to stamp it even though I folded the box already.  I used some post-it's to mask the other areas since I did not want the image there (... don't mind the names on the post-it's ... I previously used them when making Christmas cards for my old team).  As you can see, I stamped 2 sides at the same time and then I repeated the same thing for the remaining 2 sides.
Leafy Vines picture  
Isn't this just adorable!  I thought it would look nicer with a ribbon than a wire handle.  I guess I had a wedding favour in mind when I was making this.

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