Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Card ...

During our trip to Nova Scotia, I really wanted to find a stamp of boats or lighthouses ... something we've seen.  I wanted to make a birthday card for a friend using the stamp.  I found a stamp set "Inspired by Lighthouses" by My Favorite Things (, which I knew was perfect ... I didn't know what I was going to do yet, but I liked the images of the lighthouses.

After playing with the technique of stamping on glossy paper and applying dye inks with an applicator, here's the end result of the card I made.

Here's a close up of the card ... I stamped the clouds in a bright blue so that it would blend better and added some stars with a white gel pen ... at least I hope they look like stars.

I added some grass and rocks at the bottom of the picture hoping it gives you the impression that you're standing on a cliff or something and looking at the lighthouse.  We came across that during our road trip.

Nothing special with this ... just wanted the inside of the card to carry the lighthouse theme ... I stamped Happy Birthday ... it seemed like it belong there :)

I picked up the Bluenose ornament and stand from Amos Pewter in Mahone Bay ... good thing we went on the trip ... made it easier to figure out a gift for his birthday!  You could hang the ornament on your Christmas tree, but I thought the stand was a good idea ... let's you have it out all year round.

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