Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Production continues ...

On Sunday, I started to work a bit on the thank you cards for my brother's wedding ... things were finalized on Saturday ... finally!  I'm still waiting for the pictures; but I know the size, so I was able to start production.  Yesterday, I was working on it in the family room ... today, I've gone back to The Paper Room ... yup room's starting to get messy again ;) 

The size and orientation of the picture is different from the initial sample, so I had to tweak the card a bit ... it added a bit more work, but I think it's nicer than the initial card ... seems more finished.  I'll share that with you once they've been sent out.  However, I can share the simple mini album which will be sent to our grand parents and great aunt.  The cool thing about this paper is depending on the way the light is reflecting off the paper, the colour changes.  It's actually the colour on the left, but I love that the lighting can change it to look burgundy.

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  1. hey there!

    I have a question... what do you suggest in embossing tools? i don't know where to start! :)