Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 ...

Happy New Year!!  Wishing you all health, happiness and wonderful new experiences in the New Year! 

Can you believe it's 2012!?  Last year seem to fly by!  Before I knew it we were at the end of the year ... not that I'm complaining ... it meant vacation was coming :)  Been on vacation for a little over a week now, and it started with a road trip to Michaels ... something I needed to do ... not because I needed to do some shopping, but a short road trip is the quickest way for me to forget about work :) 

Speaking of crafts ... I did manage to do some crafting for the holidays ... it was actually a necessity.  Initially, we went to the Village des Magi-Prix to pick up a bag for a bottle of brandy.  They usually have nice bags at the one near our place ... only they're closing, so there wasn't much left.  Since I'm quite equiped, it was easier than running around looking for a bag and box.  I did the following quickly since we were due at my parent's place that evening.  The box fit 20 Lindt chocolates perfectly ... it's a die that I had and I decided to add a gold trim and emboss a piece of paper which also reinforced and made the box stronger.

I made another box with my snowflake embossing folder using the same papers for my brother and Holly's wedding.  As you can guess, that's for them.

I got to use the new Frosty Border die from Memory Box I got a couple of weeks ago for Mei Mei and Stephane's box.  The Memory Box dies are quite delicate and detailed ... really like them ... ain't it pretty?!

Here's the box ... yup, same paper as their wedding :)


  1. the boxes are very very nice!!!!! to avoid the rush, i'd like to order my 2012 christmas cards now. thank you......

    your Crazy Aunt

  2. Thanks! I had a lot of fun making them. Yeah, I think I should start on making cards now in preparation for any invasion in 2012 ;)