Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hedgehog inspiration ...

Took a couple of days off ... and Monday's a holiday ... so nice long weekend :)  Here's a card for a co-worker ... thought of putting the birthday wishes in circles ... then thought I could somehow make the circles look like bubbles and use part of this Penny Black stamp. 


Then figure it would be easier to look for an image of bubbles and put the text in the bubble and print ... found quite a few images but decided to go with this colourful and feastive one.  Amazing what one can find on the internet!

After cutting the printed image to size to fit the card, I could see that it would have been better if the Happy Birthday was at the bottom instead ... oh well, it still looks ok.

Here's the inside of the card.  I spent more time with the inside of the card ... tweaking the bubbles, so they would be large enough to put birthday wishes in them.  I added the birthday wishes I received via email from co-workers.  I think I like the inside better.

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