Thursday, October 21, 2010

Embossing Folders ...

Embossing has certainly come a long way ... my 1st embossing experience was with a metal template, stylus tool and the window ... during the day of course.  The sunlight would shine through, so I could see where to trace the image ... let me tell you it was a challenge holding up the paper for so long!  I'm sure neighbours and passerbys wondered what the heck I was doing ... what can I say I'm dedicated to my crafts ;)

A co-worker had asked me to make an octagon box for her niece's 1st wedding anniversary; I embossed the sides of the box with the metal template, stylus and window method!  Unfortunately, I did not have a camera back then, but here's another one I made ...

I later graduate to using an embossing light table ... much easier on the arms :)  And now some brilliant person invented embossing folders!  It gives your card the "wow" factor without much effort.  All you need is the embossing folder, which is inexpensive ... and of course the machine ... which is not inexpensive.  However, depending on the machine you get, you can also cut dies ... this of course leads you to more stuff!  I have a few die cutting machines ... out of all of them, I find the Sizzix Big Shot to be the most for your buck.  It accepts most dies made by different companies as well as embossing folders.

Ok, back to the embossing folders.  Here are a few cards I prepared ... all waiting for me to just add something to complete them ...yeah, I know I can get a bit crazy at times.  One of my favorite embossing folders is the cherry blossoms (pic on right).

Here's a few cards I made with embossing folders.  The picture in the middle is the mini cards I did for a "make 'n take" to demonstrate embossing folders.

Here's one I made for my friend's brother's wedding ... boy, that was a mouth full!  The wedding colors were pink and brown ... I knew about the pink; however, I found out after about the brown ... I guess things do have a way of working out :)


There's a technique I saw on YouTube where you roll ink on the embossing folder and when you emboss your paper, the image stands out ... I tried it out and got the result below ... what do you think?  BTW, I used Ranger's Distress Ink ... love those inks ... very versatile.

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