Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stampscapes ... my first card class!

On January 30, 2010, I had my first card making class ... we used Stampscapes stamps, chalk inks, cotton balls and cotton swabs to create 3 cards.  This time around ... the class was full ... there were 12 people registered!

As preparation for this class, I worked on creating a card for my friend's birthday.  I had so much fun trying out techniques and things to get the effect I was looking for.  The Stampscapes website gives you great tutorials and inspiration ... I just used different inks and tools ... cotton balls and swabs :)  This is the 1st one I created ... nope, this is not my friend's card ... I can't seem to give away my 1st ones ... lol.

Here's my friend's birthday card ... I made the scene brighter and mounted it on brown cardstock.  BTW, I almost kept this one too!

Once I got started, I couldn't stop ... even after I created my class samples.  Some would say I went a little crazy ... but I wanted people to see the possibilities with these stamps ... it's endless!  I wonder what these people would say if I told them that I'm still not finished ;)

Well, everyone seem to enjoy the class; I received good feedback.  I even got some unexpected feedback a couple of months later from 2 sisters that came to my make & take's ... the eldest one said to me "Oh, that's the class everyone is talking about ... I heard it was great."  Now, how cool is that!

I had a great time giving the class!  At the end of the class, I could not shut up ... surprising, huh?  But it's true ... just ask hubbie, he had the pleasure of hearing me go on and on.  Good thing hubbie is so supportive of my hobby ... however, I think he did give me that "you are crazy" look that night :)

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