Monday, February 3, 2014

Recycling ...

Since I've been ordering from Papertrey Ink for almost 3 years now, I accumulated these plastic boxes that the old stamp sets come in.  Initially, I was going to use them to put some card sets.  However, I preferred to make a box as the ones from Papertrey Ink are square boxes, so they don't exactly fit the cards.

I have manage to recycle a few over the years as they are great boxes for gifts!  However, as you can see, I still have quite a few of them.  I've even started to put the smaller ones in the bigger boxes ... space is of a premium here ... or I should say ... I'd rather save the space for more craft stuff :)

I did use 2 boxes last year for a birthday gift ... yaay!!  I really had fun putting this together ... however, hubbie thinks I went a bit overboard ... so what else is new!?  The birthday girl likes crafts, so ... stamps, ink, stickles, rub-ons, cards, envelopes ... now, that's my kind of gift ;)

I put a sentiment on one side of the tag and an image on the other side ...


Oh and I included some stickers ... of course, I had to make an envelope since I had nothing that would fit it.  The tag below is what I attached to the gift bag.

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