Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yaay, one down ...

Well, finally finished my brother's thank you cards ... yaay, one down one more to go!  Decided not to go to my mom's today, so I could finish them.  Got the pictures from my brother about a week and a half ago, but I didn't start on things until yesterday.  I've been on vacation since last week and been taking it easy ... more like recovering from the craziness of work.  It was really busy before I left on vacation since I was trying to finalize and transfer things before going on vacation as I'll be starting a new role when I get back.

I finished the thank you cards yesterday and printed the envelopes this morning.  It's all pack and ready to go.  I guess we'll be dropping it off next weekend when we go to my mom's.  I've also been working on Mei Mei's thank you cards while waiting for my brother's pictures.  She actually gave me her pictures last month ... the bulk of the work is done ... just waiting for 2 things before I can finish them off.  This gives me a chance to finalize a few things for the thank you ... hopefully, I'll get them completed before she gets back to me :)


  1. boy, what a busy bee..... i'm sure the thank you cards will be as beautiful as the wedding invitations. can't wait to see it. so, what's the new role at work?

    your crazy biu goo

    1. Hi my Crazy Biu Goo! Hope all is well with you. I'm happy the cards are done and delivered! The new role is with a project for 6 months. I'm working in the Application Security & Controls team helping with the business role mapping ... basically determining the access requirement for the users that will be implemented in deployment 2.